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Flood Cleaning

Flood Cleaning

Best flood cleaning and Flood Damage Restoration Service Auckland

We are expert flood water evacuation and damage restoration services for both residential and commercial establishments in Auckland. Our expertise in flood cleaning and damage control is honed by years of experience and earned by dealing with flooded homes and businesses every year. DryFast employs comprehensive flood cleaning procedures consist of the following to restore flood affected homes, offices and shops.

Emergency flood water removal by pumping

Post water removal cleaning

Drying building surfaces

Restoration of flood damaged structures and surfaces

We understand fully the repercussions of flooding hence rush our services immediate after we receive your request.  Our experts in collaboration with you will meticulously assess the situation and carry out the step by step process of draining flood water from your premises. We know how sensitive house owners can be when it comes to personal belongings and assets hence our professionally trained specialist will involve you throughout the flood recovery.

Our professional flood water removal services:

Excellent Service: our flood water evacuation and cleaning services are accomplished by top professionals with years of experience. We offer unparallel floodwater removal services like pumping out flood water, post cleaning up the flooded area, drying surfaces and restore buildings to their past status. We also employ the best methods and tools to accomplish the above.  

Affordable rates:  we offer top of the pack flood cleaning services using well trained and experienced flood cleaning technicians and at surprisingly low prices and our services also offer mattress cleaning and restoration at reasonable prices.

We are organic: We understand environmental concerns and accordingly use environment-safe and organic cleaning agents in our processes. The cleaning agents we use are also pet friendly. We will be at your door step immediately after receiving your call and our express services are well known and appreciated by the communities in Auckland. We only use top quality surfactants to clean and restore flooded surfaces

Our Water Damage/Flood Restoration Process:

It is necessary that you to know and understand our flood cleaning methods before you sign-up our services.  Our step by step procedure of flood water cleaning and damage restoration is as follows:

First we drain flood water from your building using effective draining methods in order to bring your surfaces back in usable conditions. We will remove water from your rooms by pumping and will also bring a vacuum truck which is able to remove water pneumatically and in the process suck slurries and sludge from your rooms as well as basements. 

The second phase of our flood cleaning operation will involve removing destroyed or irreparable stocks, furniture, equipment and other household items. We know how sensitive owners are of their belongings and accordingly handle them. We ensure full consent of our clients before we remove anything from their premises.

We will proceed to clean your building using latest cleaning equipment which is professionally approved and tested for organic damage. Then drying process take over to keep the building moisture free and also stop the growth of mold and mildew. We will also ensure that no further damage is inflicted on your property during the drying up process.

Our excellent flood cleaning and restoration services use high quality and approved dryers and dehumidifiers to achieve total dryness. We will also eliminate bad odor, fungal and bacterial growth by fogging and disinfecting.

All our flood cleaning and restoration services are rendered by professional flood cleaning technicians and they are well protected with appropriate work gear as well as insurance against damages during the cleaning process. 

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