Flood Restoration & Cleaning Services in Auckland

About Us

About Us

DryFast is a flood cleaning and associated services that provide them with clean and fungal free interior environment, fresh looking carpet, seating upholstery and other household items. Our deep cleaning procedures ensure that you enjoy circulation fresh and healthy air in your rooms besides possessing cleaner and bacteria free carpets and furniture upholstery.

We are 100% Kiwi and we aim to provide best cleaning solutions for floors and walls, stains and odour, carpets and upholstery. We use the best cleaning agents and equipments depending on the type of surfaces and enable upholstery and carpets to dry quickly and breathe free. We only use cleaning chemicals that are environment friendly and authority approved in the Auckland region.

Our highly quality repertoire of cleaning solutions include

  1. Comprehensive removal of Dirt, dust, stains, spots and pet odour
  2. Deep carpets and mattresses cleaning
  3. Furniture Upholstery cleaning
  4. All types of Floor and furniture polishing
  5. Total flood restoration services for homes and commercial establishments

We understand the importance of customers’ time and money and accordingly deliver quick flood water.