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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Auckland

DryFast is professional and easy to access upholstery cleaning services in Auckland. Cleaning upholstery covering your furniture is no easy task as it involves deep cleaning of dust, dirt and air borne particles, wine and food stain, and dirt brought in by residents. Fabric of upholstery gets dirty quickly and especially when you have kids in your home. You will need special cleaning agents that are mild but effective to clean upholstery. Our team is knowledgeable, experienced and know what cleaning agents will suit your upholstery fabric and accordingly apply during cleaning. Our upholstery cleaning team will ensure that your upholstery is brightened optimally to light up your rooms. Our services also include removing stubborn stains, dirt accumulated by use, and removing unpleasant odor from upholstery.

We offer following upholstery cleaning services

  • Expert fabric cleaning – We offer specialized fabric cleaning services for your upholstery and they would include sofas, dining chairs, beds, seats, mattresses and other upholstery used in your home. We also deal with damaged furniture and difficult to clean upholstery such as micro fiber clothing, velvet etc.
  • Full cleaning service at affordable pricing – we offer total upholstery cleaning at reasonable prices. We uphold customers’ value and leave no stone unturned to offer maximum satisfaction. Our comprehensive upholstery cleaning service is achieved by the use of latest fabric cleaning chemicals and equipment on your upholstery.
  • Application of eco-friendly procedures – we love nature and we apply our upholstery cleaning procedures accordingly. At no point we use harmful chemicals and we are always focused at preserving nature as it is.
  • Fast upholstery cleaning – we understand the value of time and accordingly time our upholstery cleaning tasks. We offer prompt and quick upholstery cleaning to save you time and bother
  •  Our upholstery Cleaning process consists of the following:
  • Pre-cleaning inspection of fabric – we conduct thorough inspection of upholstery and fabrics and use powerful vacuum cleaners to extricate dust and dirt
  • Spotting – We look for spots and stains in the fabric and cure them with neutral spotting agent using soft brush
  •  Pre-cleaning spray – Our cleaning technicians will use a neutral cleaning solutions to remove dirt, dust, grease, wine and oil stains from upholstery fabric
  • Steam cleaning – we use vaporized water or hot steam to remove the tiniest and most stubborn dust particles imbedded in the deep of your upholstery
  • After cleaning inspection – this is essential part upholstery cleaning and our team ensures that no speck of dust or dirt is left during the after inspection.
  • Stain removal service – this is the important part of our upholstery cleaning service and we use most effective stain removers to eliminate different types of stains. Depending on the quality and form of fabric we use our best stain removing technique to achieve maximum results.

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