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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning Services In Auckland

Professional carpet cleaning is the only option to clean your expensive carpet thoroughly and in all detail. Carpets with their natural composition accumulate dirt, dust, airborne particles, dandruff, dander, allergens, and other everyday pollutants from both indoors and outdoors. Keeping your carpet devoid of the above elements will enable you to live a healthy and disease free life. Dry Fast is one of the top carpet cleaning services in Auckland and we offer best cleaning services for all types of carpets using the latest technology & equipment. While doing so we ensure that all rules imposed by Environment Protection Agencies are in place. We use only environment safe cleaning agents to render your carpet well cleaned and new. We are experts in removing food and wine stains from carpets and we use powerful stain removers to accomplish that. Our team is well trained and our carpet cleaning services at well knitted and affordable.

Carpet cleaning Services provided by Dry Fast, NZ

We undertake carpet cleaning services for both domestic and commercial establishments and aim to give most customer satisfaction to our clients. We deploy only trained professionals to clean carpets and they use the best technique and equipment to accomplish the tasks at affordable prices.

  • Eco-friendly service – we are well aware of the environmental concerns hence use only environment safe cleaning agents
  • Qualified and trained staff – our cleaning staff are well qualified and trained to undertake all types of carpet cleaning. They are professionally attired and equipped and show exemplary behavior and manners while interacting with clients.
  • All encompassing carpet cleaning techniques – we employ need specified carpet cleaning techniques to achieve optimum results and you will also find our carpet cleaning prices surprisingly low. We provide the following carpet cleaning procedures to provide need based and cost effective services:
  • Steam cleaning: best method to dislodge and extract dirt deeply imbedded in to your carpet fibers. It is known as hot water extraction which sends high temperature water vapors/steam in to the carpet using powerful vacuum pump and removes dirt, stains, oil, and other stubborn dirt clinging to the carpet strands.  Any remaining water is sucked away by powerful suction pumps.
  • Shampooing: it is done for deep carpet cleaning and carpet shampoo is used to clean carpets thoroughly. Chemical oriented foam is distributed on the soiled carpet and it is then scrubbed with circular and motorized brush. This is highly effective in removing dirt and stains from heavily soiled low pile carpets.
  • Dry cleaning: this is done without using water. An absorptive compound is sprinkled over the carpet in small quantities which is then brushed in to the carpet to clean impurities. Finally heavy duty vacuum cleaners are used to forcefully remove the accumulated dirt from the carpet. This process is dry, quick and efficient.

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