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Stain Removal & cleaning Service in Auckland

Powerful Stain Removal & cleaning Service in Auckland

Your lifestyle sometimes makes you spill wine, oil and sweet beverages on the carpet, sofa and upholstery. This may be a big worry for you because you don’t know how to get rid of the stain. Stains are hard to erase from fabric by wet or dry cleaning and will need the expertise of our cleaning team. We use most powerful and environment friendly stain removers to erase them and return fabric to its original state. Our speciality stain removal service will use only the most effective stain removers which are environment friendly and pet friendly. We, Dry Fast are capable of removing the most stubborn stains from your mattress, carpet and upholstery as we have the latest technique, equipment and experts in our team.  

 We provide the following professional stain removal services

We offer the best stain treatment in Auckland.  Our stain removal service for all fabric, carpets and upholstery is designed to comprehensively wipe out stains that are deep rooted. Our stain removal does not leave any trace and you will find your fabrics fresh looking and new. The procedure also gets rid of bacteria that are embedded in to your fabric.

Top class stain removal at affordable price

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and we achieve that by employing the best in the business that include trained and experienced staff,  latest and high quality technique and equipment. Stain removers we use are gentle on the fabric while being harsh on stains. Our services are easily affordable without compromising on quality.

Pet friendly chemicals

We use environment friendly cleaning agents which are also pet friendly. We respect our eco-system and care for the safety of the residents and accordingly use chemicals that cause no harm to pets.

Need based cleaning service

Our mattress cleaning and stain removal services are tailor made as per the requirement of our clients. We charge reasonably and at no point of time we use sub-standard chemicals or equipment to accomplish tasks. Customer safety is of our utmost concern when we deploy cleaning agents and we choose them accordingly. Being need based service we also provide prompt service when you contact us.

Total stains removal process by qualified staff:

  • You don’t have to look beyond us when it comes to removing stains from your fabric. We use more than 25 eco-friendly cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains and marks found on upholstery. They are gentle on your upholstery and remove stains from fabric without damaging its texture, color or composition.
  • It is no one fix for all cleaning issues as we employ different methods and procedures depending on what we clean. We inspect, assess and choose chemicals and liquid detergents which are most effective for a cleaning mattress, pillows and upholstery. After treating the stain spot with the right cleaning agent we wash carpets and upholstery using special equipment to eliminate traces of stains. Our staff will leave your premises only after they have made sure that the stains and marks are completely removed.

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