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Outdoor furniture and Mould Cleaning

Outdoor furniture and Mould Cleaning

How we clean outdoor furniture

Your outdoors is sterile and unbalanced without outdoor furniture. You may have outdoor furniture in your garden that is made of hardwood, bamboo, wicker or rattan.  Wood based chairs and tables look elegant but are susceptible to moisture, fungus growth and bloating.  The furniture cushion can become wet and give way to bad smell and bacteria germination. We, Dry Fast offer the best technology and technique to clean outdoor furniture and stop them from disintegrating and free them of bacteria.  Here are the steps we apply while cleaning outdoor furniture:

  • We employ soft nylon brush with bristles on outdoor furniture to remove dust, dirt and small debris.
  • We Clean and wipe furniture surface with sponge or damp cloth dipped in lukewarm soapy water
  • We remove remaining moisture from the furniture by using a microfiber fabric or lint-free cloth
  • Finally let the furniture dry out in the natural light

Useful tips in outdoor furniture cleaning

If your furniture is lighter or faded color once or twice in a year cleaning will do well. If the furniture made of wood is of natural color or brown color then you will require more intense and frequent cleaning using furniture oil and a layer of low strength sealants. Number of times you will be required to clean wood furniture will depend on the type of wood, local climate, and the amount of exposure to sun.   If there are spills on the furniture you should immediately clean it with a wet cloth to prevent staining.

Our outdoor furniture cleaning is done meticulously by a team of expert furniture cleaners. After inspection they will use the most wood friendly cleaning and coating agents to form a strong protection against foul weather and pollutants. You can expect us to deliver best cleaning and protection service to your outdoor furniture at affordable prices.

Mould cleaning service tips

Our mould cleaning services are very similar to outdoor furniture cleaning. Mould growth occurs on furniture when the pieces become wet with rain and atmospheric moisture. These are invisible organisms to eyes but are capable of causing allergies and escalating the condition in people who are allergic. It is important to remove them due to these reasons and our mould cleaning service is knitted on the same fashion as wood furniture cleaning.  It is done with a soft brush soaked in detergent liquid which is applied gently on the furniture surface to dislodge mould. The wet surfaces are wiped clean with an absorbent cloth or towel.

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