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There is no one to beat when it comes to mattress cleaning in Auckland. We are friendly neighborhood mattress cleaning services that use the best technique to remove invisible microorganisms from your mattress and give you back the most comfortable mattress which is as good as new.

Mattress with its character and make can store harmful microbes that are not visible to the naked eye and you must get rid of them lest you get allergies and contagious diseases spread by the microorganisms. Mattress can get dirty quickly because it is the favorite playground for children and pets. Your pillows and mattresses can become the base for bacteria germination and our mattress cleaning procedures are especially equipped to prevent them and destroy them. We use the right cleaning methods and agents that are latest in the market and our prices are easily affordable for all economies.

Our Professional Mattress Cleaners services provide the following:

What and How We Clean Mattress:  

We clean pillows and mattresses irrespective of how dirty or soiled they are. We use experienced staff who are experts in mattress cleaning. Our cleaning team uses steam cleaning methods to do away with bacteria and germs. The cleaning agents we use are environmentally safe and pleasant smelling.

  • We offer affordable cleaning packages

We offer the best mattress cleaning at the most affordable price which is based on the type and number of mattresses and pillows. You can trust us to offer you service charges which are within your budget reach. With Dry Fast, you get the best quality cleaning services for your mattresses in Auckland at a reasonable price band.

  • We use environment and pet-friendly products

The cleaning chemicals we use are approved by environmental agencies hence they are not harmful to your home and your family members. We love animals hence will not use any chemical that is harmful to your pets.

  • We offer a fast cleaning service  

We offer prompt and quick mattress cleaning services to our customers when it is needed. We are well aware of the importance of time and we will save it for you by taking up your order at war footing and accomplishing it well within the stipulated time. 

We use the Following Mattress Cleaning Procedures

We primarily use two types of mattress cleaning processes to get the best results. And the methods and techniques applied for the purpose is extremely gentle on fabric while being highly potent to remove dirt and microbes.   

  • Intense mattress cleaning with powerful vacuum cleaners

Our services use highly powerful domestic vacuum cleaners to remove dust and dirt from your mattresses. We use highly sophisticated vacuum cleaning equipment to clean your mattress without causing damage. Once done you will find your mattress clean both from inside and outside.       

  • Steaming and sanitizing       

We employ steam cleaning on mattresses after we have vacuumed picked dust and dirt particles from them. Steam cleaning is purposefully used to kill bacteria from your mattresses and pillows. We then apply disinfecting agents to sanitize the mattresses and pillows and remove microorganisms, parasites and bugs. The steam jet we use on mattresses dry up quickly to render your mattress clean, dry and healthy and immediately usable. 

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