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Hard Floor Vinyl Floor Polishing Auckland

Best Vinyl Floor Polishing & Vinyl Floor Cleaning Auckland

Are you planning to give the work over to your business or residential floors to achieve a top finish and fine aesthetics? We at DryFast are pioneers in providing comprehensive cleaning services for vinyl and other flooring surfaces. We will help your floors to achieve the highest quality of glossy finish that is eyeball grabbing. We are experts in cleaning vinyl floorings and are forerunners in the realm of floor cleaning using the latest cleaning methods, tools, and experienced cleaning crew.  

You will need total floor cleaning services specialized in cleaning a variety of surfaces including vinyl and wood floors. We being an exceptionally resourced floor cleaning service are ready to tackle the toughest floor cleaning jobs and our clientele comes from both small and big establishments in healthcare facilities, schools, offices, and other commercial and residential floors. Your floors must be sparklingly clean and devoid of fungus, molds, and other allergens if it has to attract business.  Our pre-cleaning preparation also ensures environmentally safe and effective preparatory measures to facilitate smooth stripping, cleaning, and polishing. 

DryFast is well known for its time-bound delivery of cleaning projects and is equally at ease in accomplishing a quick finish or long-term protection. We offer a string of surface cleaning packages that are designed to clean floor surfaces at schools, offices, healthcare facilities, and other commercial spaces that experience heavy footfalls. We also deal in all contemporary floor spaces made up of hardwood, ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, and others and apply and maintain the highest standards of advanced floor cleaning to refurbish them so they look fresh and new.

Why Our Vinyl/Hard Floor Polishing services are best for our clients

We are known for our excellent cleaning services for both vinyl and hard flooring and the services include the following procedures. Our services also include ceramic and vinyl composition tile (VCT) and contact us to avail of these services by early booking.

Floor Cleaning by Scrubbing

Your flooring may require an extensive amount of scrubbing if it has lost its sheen and is looking dull. At DryFast we deploy safe floor cleaning chemicals so no side effects like staining, streaking, etc are found on the floor surface. We have vast experience in handling the cleaning of vinyl and other hard surfaces and accordingly select cleaning agents to execute scrubbing, cleaning, and polishing. Our special crew of cleaners will also determine the type of chemicals and instruments to be used and the work schedule in consultation with you.  We take utmost care that the chemicals we use are safe and not surface-eroding.

Floor Polish Stripping

This is an essential floor pre-polishing procedure designed to result in a glass-like floor finish. The procedure involves the use of state-of-the-art tools to remove worn-out old polish and reapply new. It requires a balanced approach immense concentration and skillful handling of tools so that only the required amount of polish is peeled off. Our experts will apply fresh polish on the stripped surface to make it glossy again. The process of stripping and polishing is critically required to prevent loss of luster and permanently remove deep stains.

Floor Sealing

Floors are subjected to heavy foot traffic, scars left by stationary furniture, and damages originating from trolleys and other machinery movement. If this continues the floor ultimately will come off your floor base. To avoid this calamity and protect your floor we will apply sealants on the floor after stripping. This will prevent dirt and grime from getting into the pores of the vinyl floor and destabilizing its integrity. A single coat of sealant application after cleaning and stripping will enable the polish to stick better on the surface which will result in a smoother top surface.

Floor Polishing

Polish provides vinyl floors that have extra shine and gloss and our crew will apply 3 coats of polish to achieve the desired results. The floor polishes we use come from top-rung manufacturers and they are emulsion polish with slip-resistant quality to provide increased stability. They are hardwearing and offer a high gloss finish and protection to the floor. 

Step-by-step Process of Cleaning and Maintaining Hard/Vinyl Flooring

Step 1: Inspection

We conduct thorough inspections of your floors to locate any pre-existing blemishes and conditions so we can chalk out the right cleaning method and achieve a premium floor finish for you.

Step 2: Pre-Testing

We will take a small sample of your surface to determine what type of cleaning and floor polishing agents will work for your surface. The pre-testing process is done without causing damage to your floor.

Step 3: Cleaning

Cleaning by DryFast is done using special cleaning agents and equipment. The process will involve removing deeply embedded dirt from the surface and also erasing stains, and smudges, and preventing bacteria germination.

Step 4: Floor Finish

We apply most effective and environment friendly floor finish agents to achieve desired finishes. They are long lasting and designed to preserve and protect the integrity of your floor surfaces. 

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